Current Events

Finding a news article 

Pick one of the following news websites to either read or listen to an article. 

On the website itself, use a search box to test out your keywords. Remember to look for the Magnifying Glass icon!

The Guardian is a newspaper based in the United Kingdom. It presents a neutral look at things happening in the US. 

Want to listen to a news story? NPR is a news radio station so all of these articles can be either read or listened to

AllSides brings together news from sources that lean to the left or right politically so you can see how different news sources report on the same topic. 

AP News is an organization that writes news stories which are then sold to newspapers around the world. They are known for being neutral in their viewpoints and for having short articles. 

Newsweek is a long running news magazine. 

Voice of America was created during World War II to share unbiased news with people around the world.