Community Resources

A library is more than just books. 

Please see the following resources available within the Boston community. 

Life gets hard sometimes, but there are resources that can help. If you need support, the organizations below are here for you and their job is to help. If you need immediate or additional assistance, please contact _____________________. 

A worldwide movement of people giving away free items within their local communities. 

Provides support for young people between the ages of 14-24. A drop in day center and overnight facility with access to meals, showers, lockers, mental health counseling, transitional living situations, and more.

An overnight shelter for families. 

24/7 toll free domestic violence hotline. Bilingual in Spanish/English, with access to translation support in 130 additional languages

Free meals for children and teens. See the hours and locations here

Mayor's Office of Housing

Additional resources on housing assistance, food access, and warm meals

Approximately 19.2% of MA families reported food insecurity in 2023 (Project Bread). The Food Source Hotline is a free and confidential program to help access/afford food. Counselors are available to help in 180 languages. 

Programs for finding a summer job, accessing food/healthcare, support with immigration/becoming a U.S. citizen, staying warm in the winter, career training, and more. The program strives to "help you transition from poverty to stability and from stability to success (ABCD, 2023).help you transition from poverty to stability and from stability to success

A Food Bank Finder. Search by address for a food bank near you.