General Reference

Complete source for peer-reviewed, scholarly articles across all academic disciplines. 

Magazine, journal, and news articles on general interest topics and current events. 

Numerous reference eBooks - note, many of the eBooks found here are also found in their appropriate database, for example a Science eBook will also be in the Science database


Biographical and contextual information about notable people throughout history. 


Articles on accounting, marketing, management, and related fields. 

Contemporary studies

Articles that explore cultural differences, influences in society, and more. 

International academic perspectives on global issues. 

Continuously updated information and opinions covers hot issues. 


Health and wellness information for the consumer. 

Academic health information for the medical professional. 


Academic articles, videos, primary documents and more on US topics. 

Academic articles, videos, case studies, and more on topics throughout world history. 


Biography, criticism, and overviews on writers and specific works in all disciplines. 


Academic articles, videos, case studies and more on topics in environmental science

Academic articles, videos, experiments, and more. 

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Interactive 3D models from chemistry, biology, and Earth science. 

This website contains articles that are from peer-reviewed journals and re-written to be accessible to kids and teens. The articles are from all branches of science. 

Social sciences

Articles on personality, the human mind, memory, and more. 

Articles on world religions, philosophies, and related fields.