2023 YPAR 

Injustice Research


Before identifying your action research topic, you need to take the time and explore the many different forms of injustices in our community. 

Use this Wakelet to explore various topics of injustice in our community. Have another idea? Talk to your teacher. 

Gather: Databases

Once you have identified your topic and developed a research question, it is time to begin gathering information. 

Starting with a database, we know that the source is credible and we can save time evaluating it. 

Start here with the US History database to learn more about injustices taking place in the United States. 

Gather: perspectives

For some topics, you might want to see what other viewpoints are out there - you probably have a strongly held belief on the right way to fix this injustice. Others might have other ideas on how to fix it. Use these resources to help you find different views than your own. 

This website has been evaluated by your teachers and found to be credible. 

Opposing Viewpoints lets you look at what people believe from different perspectives. 

AllSides provides cover from the right, center, and left viewpoints. 

Gather: Online Sources

These online sources have been evaluated by Ms. McBride and found to be credible sources of information. 

For statistics and reports