Summer Reading 2024

Reading is Awesome

This summer, you will read at least a total of 2 books. 

Everyone will read Dry by Neal Shusterman

Then you choose one book to read - the book you choose is up to you! 

Keep scrolling to find suggestions of possible second choices.

Want to Read it in eBook or Audiobook format? 

You can read Dry for free using Sora.

Download the app called Sora, or use it on your Chromebook by logging in through Clever. 

Watch this video from Ms. McBride that explains how to sign up and how to use it on an iPhone.

The video uses as an example last year's book, however the steps are exactly the same, you'll just type in the word Dry into the search box instead! 

But what book should I choose for the novel of my choice??

Need help choosing the book of your choice? Watch this video from Ms. McBride to help you pick the novel of your choice! 

It's a long video, so the main thing is to look here for more ideas: 

You can also email Ms. McBride for a personal recommendation:

Below is your assignment. Click on the upper right hand corner of the Doc to open it in a new tab. Then, you can "Make a Copy" and you can have a copy to edit on a computer. You will be asked to turn this in to your Humanities teacher in September.